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2024National Guidelines on Accelerated Education for Out-Of-School Children and YouthCompleted

This aims to promote the harmonization, coordination, and quality of accelerated education services in Sierra Leone, ensuring access to education for out-of-school children and youth who missed formal education.

Minister's Assent, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , guidelinealternative-education community-learning-centres community-participation-in-education education-for-marginalized-groups education-monitoring-and-evaluation education-policy education-quality-standards education-retention-strategies education-transition-programs educational-assessments educational-best-practices educational-pathways equity-in-education flexible-education-programs holistic-learning inclusive-education learner-centred-approaches non-formal-education radical-inclusion safe-learning-environments sierra-leone-education teacher-professional-development
2023Basic and Senior Secondary Education ActCompleted

Aims to restructure and reform the Basic and Senior Secondary Education system to make it more relevant, compulsory, all-inclusive and rights-based, to improve the governance structure in the schools, and to provide for other related matters.

Cabinet Approvedact
2022Education Sector Plan (2022-2026)Completed

Highlighted GoSL 5 year education agenda for ensuring free quality basic and senior secondary education; and strengthening tertiary and higher education.

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , frameworkassessment basic-and-senior-secondary-education comprehensive-safety education-agenda equity instructional-core learning-outcomes mbsse national-innovation-and-digital-strategy-nids-2019-2029 nctva quality-education quality-teaching-and-learning radical-inclusion safety special-needs-education steam teaching-and-learning-resources tertiary-and-higher-education unesco universal-access
2023Teacher Incentivisation SchemeProposed (not started)

An incentivisation scheme to enhance deployment of teachers across the country.

2023ICT in EducationProposed (not started)

Sets out provisions for Information Communication Technology use in the Education Sector and protocol around information sharing.

2023Distribution and Utilisation of Teaching and Learning MaterialsProposed (not started)

Set out standards for the procurement, distribution and utilisation of government supplied teaching and learning materials.

2022Curriculum Framework and Guidelines for Senior Secondary Education in SLCompleted

A reference platform that orients, guides, links and anchors senior secondary education in SL.

Minister's Assentcurriculum
2022Adolescent Health and Life Skills ManualCompleted

To empower learners at senior secondary level with the knowledge that enables them to make informed decisions about life choices.

Minister's Assentcurriculum
2022Comprehensive Sexuality EducationCompleted

To empower learners at Primary and JSS with the knowledge that enables them to make informed decisions about life choices.

Minister's Assentcurriculum
2021Curriculum Framework and Guidelines for Basic Education in SLCompleted

A reference platform that orients, guides, links and anchors basic education in SL.

Minister's Assentcurriculum
2019Code of Conduct for Teachers and Other ProfessionalsCompleted

Sets out standards of professional behaviour for teachers and other education personnel in their relationships with learners, colleagues, parents and the general public.

Minister's Assent, , manualmbsse standards tsc-act-2011
2021MBSSE Policy E-Book V1Completed

An e-book detailing partners work on transforming education delivery through evidence and practice.

Minister's Assent, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , manualadolescent-girls concern-worldwide edtech-hub education-data-hub education-delivery education-partnerships-group emis evidence-informed inclusive-education inclusive-pedagogies-and-practice international-rescue-committee-irc learning-needs leh-wi-lan management-and-functional-review mbsse out-of-school partners public-sector-reform-unit safe-learning-model service-delivery srgbv systems-level-analysis transformative-gender-approaches uk-aid user-research
2021Board of Governors Training ManualCompleted

A training guide that focuses on empowering SMCs with the required knowledge and skills in executing their roles – management of primary schools.

Minister's Assentmanual
2021School Management Committee Training ManualCompleted

A training guide that focuses on empowering BoGs with the required knowledge and skills in executing their roles – management of Secondary schools.

Minister's Assent, , , manualboard-of-governors-bogs financial-management performance-based-school-financing-pbsf school-management
2018Reducing Violence in School ManualCompleted

A handbook detailing mechanisms for the reduction of violence in Schools.

Minister's Assent, , , , , , , , , , , , manualalpha-osman-timbo boards-of-governors gender-equality girls-learning-and-disability-inclusion-gladi-project mbsse mott-macdonald safety school-based-violence special-needs uk-aid unicef violence vulnerable-students
2021Continuous Assessment Training ManualCompleted

A handbook for teachers that detail out formative evaluation procedures for school pupils.

Minister's Assentmanual
2021Creating Safer Schools: Alternatives to Corporal Punishment in SchoolsCompleted

A training booklet to end the use of corporal punishment in schools.

Minister's Assentmanual
2022School Quality Assurance FrameworkCompleted

A tool for ensuring quality education delivery and school improvement in Sierra Leone.

Minister's Assentframework
2022National Strategy for Out of School ChildrenCompleted

Provides a framework for the rollout of support to Out of School Children in Sierra Leone.

Minister's Assent, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , frameworkalternatives barriers child-rights child-welfare-committees children incentives inclusion irish-aid medium-term-national-development-plan-2019-2023 national-strategy oosc rights routes safety school-management-committees system-strengthening unicef
2022Use of School SubsidyCompleted

Highlighted GoSL 5 year education agenda for ensuring free quality basic and senior secondary education; and strengthening tertiary and higher education.

Cabinet Approvedguideline
2021School ApprovalCompleted

Provides criteria and clear process for the approval of schools.

Minister's Assentguideline
2022Radical Inclusion Implementation PlanCompleted

Provides a clear pathway on how the Radical Inclusion Policy should be implemented. Actors roles and responsibilities and monitoring frameworks.

Minister's Assent, , , , , , , , , guidelinedr-david-moinina-sengeh education-partnerships-group free-quality-school-education-fqse governance-and-coordination governance-structures implementation-plan mbsse monitoring-evaluation-and-learning uk-aid workplan
2022-23Non Formal Education PolicyIn Progress

Provides coverage for Non-Formal Education in Sierra Leone.

In Progresspolicy
2022-23Basic and Senior Secondary Education PolicyIn Progress

Replaces the 2010 Education Policy; it will focus on the holistic provision of Basic and Senior secondary Education in Sierra Leone.

In Progresspolicy
2020MBSSE Guide to Policy DevelopmentCompleted

Contains a template for the drafting of policies and guidelines to ensure consistency and coherency in the MBSSE policy development process.

Minister's Assent, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , tooldevelopment dfid dr-david-moinina-sengeh dr-yatta-kanu education-partnerships-group evaluation fcdo formulation operations-planning-and-policy opp policy-cycle policy-development policy-guide policy-maintenance-and-succession sops standard-operating-procedures standards template tool uk-aid
2022School Catchment Area PlannerCompleted

To support the selection and prioritisation for building new schools, renovating older ones and other infrastructure related concerns.

Minister's Assent, , , , , , , , toolmbsse-directorate-of-planning-and-policy-tools new-schools old-schools prioritisation renovation school-approval school-infrastructure selection wash-facilities
2022-23Teaching Service Commission Act 2011 (Revised)In Progress

Revised in harmony with other education related legislations.

In Progressact
2022-23West African Examination Council Act (Revised)In progress

Revised to capture contemporary examination practices.

In progressact
2022-23Comprehensive School Safety PolicyIn Progress

It will provide a holistic coverage of school safety issues.

In Progress, , , , , , , , , , , , policyabuse cssp disaster-risk-reduction dr-david-moinina-sengeh dr-yatta-kanu education-partnerships-group fcdo mbsse multi-sectoral physical-infrastructure protection safe-school-facilities-and-learning-environment violence
2020Teacher Management PolicyCompleted

Ensures the overall management of teachers and teaching related issues.

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , policybetter-teachers-stronger-nation deployment guidelines-for-teacher-recruitment leave mbsse resignation retirement separation teacher-management teaching teaching-service-commission-tsc termination tsc-act-2011
2020Teacher Registration and LicensingCompleted

Supports the registration and licensing of teachers for effective education planning and delivery.

Cabinet Approvedpolicyeducation-planning-and-delivery
2020Teacher Development and PerformanceCompleted

Supports the holistic professional development of teachers.

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , policyaccountability better-teachers-stronger-nation certification compliance eastern-polytechnic-ep ernest-bai-koroma-university-of-science-technology-ebkust fourah-bay-college freetown-teachers-college-ftc licensing mbsse mmcet-milton-margai-college-of-education-technology njala-university-nu probation professional-development promoting-teacher-effectiveness school-leaders teachers teaching-force teaching-service-commission-tsc tsc-act-2011 university-of-sierra-leone-fbc-usl
2021National Policy on School FeedingCompleted

Aims at procuring and providing locally produced and processed nutritious and healthy school meals to pupils and contributes to education attainment and improvement of children’s nutritional status.

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , policycognitive-development completion decentralised food-security free-quality-school-education-fqse gender-parity health homegrown locally-produced mbsse nutrition private-sector school-meals sdg-2-zero-hunger smallholder-farmers world-food-programme
2020Teacher Employer RelationsCompleted

Deals with the relationships between teachers and their institutions (Employers).

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , policycode-of-conduct equal-employment-opportunity ethics mbsse nassit promotion recruitment responsibilities-of-teachers teaching-service-commission-tsc working-environment
2021School Health PolicyCompleted

To enable all school-age students’ access to a basic package of school health.

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , policyadolescents basic-health-package child-marriage dfid disease-control disease-prevention dr-david-moinina-sengeh dr-erin-maughan dr-sartie-kenneh free-healthcare-initiative-fhci free-quality-school-education-fqse health health-education health-skills mbsse ministry-of-health-and-sanitation mrs-patricia-bah ms-junova-ellis national-school-and-adolescent-health-programme national-strategy preventive-care-services prof-alpha-tejan-wurie regulations safety school-health-councils sdg-3-good-health-and-well-being world-health-organisation-who
2021Integrated Early Childhood Development PolicyCompleted

Provides an overarching framework with shared vision, mission, goals, and objectives for the delivery of holistic ECD interventions and services for all children ages 0 to 8 years in Sierra Leone.

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , policy0-8-years child-rights child-welfare children ecd foundational-learning interventions mbsse overarching-framework sdg-4-education services unicef world-health-organisation-who
2021School Infrastructure and Catchment Area PlanningCompleted

Aims to increase the quality of planning and coordination when implementing civil works and improvements to school infrastructure.

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , , policyaccess civil-works coordination free-quality-school-education-fqse improvement inclusive mbsse national-development-plan needs-based-planning planning quality-education safe school-infrastructure transparent-projections
2021National Policy on Radical Inclusion in SchoolsCompleted

Seeks to ensure that schools throughout Sierra Leone are accessible to, and inclusive of, all children – especially those that are typically marginalised or excluded

Cabinet Approved, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , policyaccess adolescents barriers child-rights children-with-disabilities dr-david-moinina-sengeh epg equity excluded fcdo girls inclusive-education low-income marginalised mbsse oosc opp out-of-school-children parent-learners persons-with-disabilities-act pregnant rural sdg-1-poverty sdg-4-education underserved unfpa

Highlighted Policy

School Feeding

May 2021

Why school feeding? The literature on school feeding is replete with research and evidence on its multiple potential benefits as an effective social safety net for vulnerable children, families, and communities. The specific benefits include increasing access to school and promoting enrolment,regular school attendance, retention, enhanced performance, cognitive development, promotion of gender parity and completion of school. Delivered with good quality nutritious food commodities, school feeding contributes to the improvement of the health and nutritional status of children. A nationally owned and run home-grown school feeding of the kind that is the object of this policy puts a considerable premium on the multi-faceted aspect of school feeding including linking school feeding activities with local food production and procurement that can trigger social and economic development of communities.

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